Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Here you can find answers to most importent questions concerning our snail-fences.

What about rain? Is there any danger of a short circuit?

No, the voltage and current are so low that there is no danger of a short circuit.


Is there full performance for lengths of 100 meters and more?



How tall is the fence?

15 cm.


Can snails crawl under the fence and into the beds?

No, because the fence sits in a 2-3 cm deep gutter surrounding the bed mounted in with hooks (included) and reinforced on both sides by filling in the gutter with earth. (For more details, see instructions for installation).


Can a short circuit occur if the cable is touched or if the wires come in contact with the grass?



Can the fence be installed outside around uncovered gardens and beds?

Due to its robustness and flexibility, the fence can be installed anywhere you like.


Must the fence form a closed-off circuit, or can both ends be separated by a small gate, for example?

The ends can be separated and needn’t form a closed circuit.


Does the fence kill the snails? Actually no.
But during the test period, we observed that 5 to 10 percent of snails, specifically the small ones, that tried to overcome the blockade, they turned themselves in a way, that they got between both conductor and unfortunately couldn´t save themselves. We tried various variation, at least we had to accept the lost of 5 to 10 percent, in any case better than to kill or poison them totally


Can rips or tears occur when bending the fence around the corners of the bed that might prevent the flow of electricity?

No, the 0.40 mm thick stainless wires are very pliable, so nothing can happen.


Is it possible to extend the fence later on?

Yes, see how in the instructions for installation.


Is there a limit to how long the fence can be?

It is possible to connect up more fences of 100 meters. Please pay attention to use the proper power supply.


Can you mow the lawn when cable and transformer are in use?

As described on the website and in the instruction manual, you can run the cable through plastic tubing placed 4-5 cm below the surface of the ground. Then mowing is no problem.


Is it possible to extend the transformer cable?

Sure, cut through the cable wherever you like and connect both ends with the new extension cable.


Is the fence manufactured in low-wage countries?

No. All components and the fence itself, with the exception of the electrical connection, are produced in Germany.


Has the fence been tested and for how long?

Yes. The fence has successfully undergone a testing period of 3 years, passing with flying colors.


Is it possible to install the fence longish and not circular?


Can the power supply be purchased without fence element? Yes.