Technical Details of electric snail fence


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On a UV-proof, plastic sheet two rustproof wires are secured parallel to one another using rustproof attachments.

The flexible snail fence is very robust while also pliable. Light and easy to install, simply wrap the fence around beds and fasten with the galvanized metal stakes, delivered as well.

To ensure a safe electric connection we offer three alternatives:


1-  24V, 250mA adapter with 10-meter long power cable.

2-  24V, 250mA adapter with 20-meter long power cable.

3-  12V, 4Ah battery with solar panel connection.

The electrical current poses no danger to people or animals.

If, around the bed, there is any lawn that must be mowed, the power cable can be run through a plastic pipe, buried 4-5 cm deep in the ground. This pipe can be purchased for little money at any hardware store. If necessary, an extension cord can be used without any problem.


After installation of the fence around the bed is complete and power connected, remove any snails located in the bed.


Detailed directions for the installation of the fence can be found in the instructions manual enclosed with the product.


For a visual demonstration as to the effectiveness of the electric snail fence, please have a look at this video.